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Workspace for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey

Our heart goes out to every single person affected in all kinds of ways by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey these past few days. If you are someone displaced from Houston or have been affected by the storm in surrounding areas, we want to offer you free coworking in our office space so that you…

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Create, work, collaborate. Kick off the new year right.

Whether you had an amazing 2015, a “just okay” 2015, or an awful 2015, it’s time to think ahead for the new year. And whether you’re a freelancer, small business, remote worker, or creative professional of any kind, we know how weird it is to either work from home or hop between coffee shops. Have…

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Our Freefly MoVI Workshop

This last weekend we hosted a free MoVI workshop at Createscape thanks to the kind help of Austin Movie Gear! What is Freefly’s MoVI? Simply put, it’s a revolutionary handheld stabilizing system for heavier cameras, allowing a lot of new capability for motion and stabilization. We got to test out a Canon C100 and RED…

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