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Eat & Drink Options Near Createscape Coworking

Our office manager Kendra LaFayette has helped us compile a list of some of the best options in the surrounding area to the Createscape Coworking office space. We’re on E M Franklin Avenue around Airport Boulevard / East Martin Luther King Jr Blvd / Manor Road, and as we continue to get accustomed to the…

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8 Reasons to Consider Coworking at Createscape

Here are 8 Reasons to Consider a Coworking Space, mostly adapted from Inc. 1. No Guilt! Hourly coffee purchases might be the best way to avoid glares from café employees after you plunk yourself down for an eight-hour work day at one of their tables… you know you’ve been there. But unlike crashing a coffee…

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Sign up for membership today!

We’re pleased to announce that it is June 2014 and Createscape is officially open for business! Our new website is up and we encourage you to check it out: http://createscapework.coIf you would just like to pop in to check out the space or get a tour, email us and we can make sure it’s a good…

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