Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How busy does it get and how much room is there?

There is approximately 3,000 square feet of coworking space with plenty of seating options for upwards of 50 people. Even at our busiest times of the week, you still don't have any trouble finding a seat with over half of those seats available to you.

Can I make phone calls? What is the volume level like?

We have two distinct spaces: our west wing, and east wing. The east wing is intended to be livelier and better for taking a number of calls from your desk or collaborating with colleagues so you are welcome to make calls and carry conversations there and all that we ask is that you be courteous to others at work. The west wing on the other hand is a designated quiet area for focused work, so longer or louder calls and conversations should be made in one of our call rooms or open meeting rooms.

Can I have mail delivered to the office?

Yes! Members are able to use Createscape as their business mail address. We also have a mail box from where you can send mail. Since there is always someone in the office, Createscape is a safe place to have your packages and important mail delivered.

Is there parking onsite?

In addition to spaces in front, our building has a huge parking lot in the back so you will always have available, free parking.

Do you allow dogs?

Yes, we do allow members to bring in a dog once a pet policy form is signed and the dog is approved after a trial day. We love having furry friends in the office but it is also our top priority for the whole workplace to be inviting to everyone so we reserve the right to request that a dog be kept at home if it proves to be disruptive.

What is your cancellation policy?

For memberships (excluding offices) we require written notice of your intent to cancel at least seven (7) full days prior to the end of the current month or there is a $50 late cancellation fee that is automatically charged. Memberships auto-renew and we do not offer refunds (full or pro-rated) for memberships once they are charged on the first of the month if you forgot to cancel on time or no longer have a need for the space. For offices, we require written notice of your intent to cancel at least thirty (30) full days prior to the end of your term and the office renews for an additional month otherwise. For day passes and meeting room/space rental cancellations, notice must be done at least 2 hours prior to start time for a full refund. Late cancellations are eligible for a 50% refund on total order. We do not offer refunds for no-show bookings without cancellation notice received in advance of start time.

Do you have multiple locations, or are you part of a network?

Createscape just has a singular location in Austin, however we are a part of LOOP, a global network of coworking spaces (access to over 160 different offices in 42 countries) and our members get automatic access to book free spaces at other offices using the LOOP app. Find out more here.

Advanced Questions

Do you schedule member events?

Yes, we organize several events for members most months. Our socials range from happy hour to board game night, movies, community cookouts, holiday potluck events, and much more. We occasionally also have workshops or professional events that might appeal to our members.

If I'm a member, do my visitors need day passes?

Maybe. If you are just having meetings with your visitors and/or they're stopping by for periods of up to a couple hours, either in the conference room or one of the general areas, then you do NOT need day passes for them. However if they are sticking around to set up and work for the day then we DO require either the use of one of your monthly guest passes (general coworking and designated desks get 2 credits to use each month) or purchasing a "day pass" for your visitor (and just make sure they sign in).

Do you offer reduced membership costs or discounts?

Our coworking membership plans are regularly priced for monthly, auto-renewing plans. If you would like to opt in to a multi-month commitment, you are eligible for a discount: 3 months gives you 5% off, 6 months gives you 10% off, and 12 months gives you 15% off. Veterans, non-profit organizations, and students are also eligible to a 10% discount after emailing us with this information so that we can make the change to your account billing (note: unfortunately, discounts can not be combined).

How many desks do you have? What about capacity?

We have 14 designated desks, 35 general coworking desks, 2 private offices, and 1 team office. We are not at capacity for general/part  time coworking and are always accepting new members.Please email or give us a call about current availability on designated desks or offices as it changes each month.

What if I'm looking for a space for an event?

Our two main coworking areas are available to book for events/meetings/workshops for $65/hour on the meeting rooms section of this site, but hey are only available weeknights (Monday-Friday, 7pm-11pm) or on weekends (Saturday-Sunday 8am-11pm). More information can be found on their specific booking pages. Large events are tough for us since each of those separate areas can only fit about 25-30 people but we do have a large grassy side yard if you are open to the idea of an outdoor event space. Our conference room seats up to 8 people (10 is a stretch) and can be booked online as well. If you need to re-arrange the furniture setup or are looking to do a video/photo shoot then we need to know that in advance as well.

Are you currently hiring?

No sorry, we are not currently hiring for any positions. Check back if you would like to see if we have upcoming openings.

How can I promote something or give samples?

If you would like to promote a product, event, service, or something that you think might appeal to our members then please send us an email and we can see what we can do about posting a write-up, flyer, or pamphlet to their attention. If you have a product you would like to deliver samples of, please schedule a time with us and we would be more than happy to distribute them.

For companies, is membership per person?

Yes, each membership is assigned to a specific individual. If your company or organization needs work space for multiple employees or partners, we recommend signing up for multiple memberships. A group size of 2-3 will give you an extra 5% discount off the total, and 4+ will give you an extra 10% discounted off the total.

What is the area like? Are there places to eat and drink nearby?

We are located in East Austin around several quiet neighborhoods on Tillery Street and right nearby Flitch Coffee, East Austin Succulents, Tillery Street Plant Company, and Canopy. We always recommend local eateries like Marcelino, Chu-Mikal's Cafe, Sa-Tén, Lustre Pearl East, and Papa Joe's Tex Mex as well as many other food trucks, bars, and eateries just a short drive away.

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