Progress Update #2

By createscapework | May 21, 2014

We have been hard at work but things are finally coming together in a really great way.Createscape will be opening for business in June and the last week of May will be a perfect time if you would like to come by, check out the office space, and have a tour of what we have to…

Progress Update #1 on Createscape

By createscapework | May 8, 2014

Thanks for subscribing to the Createscape newsletter! Less than a week ago, we signed the official lease for the office space at 2108 E M Franklin Ave in Austin, Texas and we’ve been hard at work at creating Createscape Coworking.  been hard at work at creating Createscape Coworking. We’re very happy with our location because of a lot of the new developments nearby around…

Become a member!

By createscapework | Apr 30, 2014

Tired of working from home? Cramped in a small office? Bouncing around local coffee shops? Createscape is a new coworking space in Austin, Texas geared towards the creative. We exist to create a collaborative, open environment and atmosphere for filmmakers, videographers, editors, writers, photographers, animators, or designers. Providing work space, desks, a conference room, networking,…