Turning Passion Projects Into Passion Profits

Turning Your Passion Projects Into Passion Profits
Thursday, May 3 (9:00 AM – 10:00 AM)
Createscape East Wing

We are hosting the session “Turning Passion Projects Into Passion Profits” by Keisha Mabry as part of Small Business Festival this Thursday morning, May 3 at 9am in our east wing.

FREE event, but you must
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Passion. It’s defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion but many of us believe passions are the things that make us happy. Many of us believe passions are the things we are willing to do for free. But, although we are willing to do passions for free, we should not and we should stop. In this session, festival attendees will hear from connection guru—Keisha Mabry —openly, honestly, and candidly about her journey to turn her passions for friendship, travel and entrepreneurship into profits. Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of their passion using Keisha’s Brand Lib template, a 100-day plan to turn their passion projects into passion profits and a connection asset map to validate their ideas and take them to market. Keisha is energetic, engaging and enthusiastic so she will not disappoint. Learn more at www.keishamabry.com.

Presented by Keisha Mabry