Introducing our new “Howdy” mural

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To mark one year since the opening of our East Wing space at Createscape Coworking in Austin, Texas  we have teamed up with designer (and member) John Baxa for a new mural celebrating the eclectic vibrancy and friendly spirit of Austin. The “Howdy” mural is an original creation measuring approximately 25 feet wide across the north blue wall in the East Wing, and features a lighthearted pattern of icons to represent the creative energy of the city we love. As a locally owned and operated coworking space, it is important to us to highlight our appreciation for the Austin community and its local artists.

We asked John about his inspirations and process in creating the mural, which you can read below.

“My inspiration for the mural was honestly how friendly most people are in Austin. The people I’ve met at Createscape especially have been really nice–everyone is hardworking, but not pretentious. The style is just how I doodle and draw, but I am a huge fan of Keith Haring (not that this is anything on the level of Keith Haring), so I looked at a lot of his work to get inspired.

I did a bunch of sketches that led nowhere, toying with ideas and art styles (especially designs for the Howdy) until I found ones that felt best. I liked the idea of taking the things and critters I associate with my time in Austin (i.e., the dog I got here, the armadillo my dog chased one day, the cactus my dog nearly ran into). From there, I did digital sketches of each illustration I wanted to do, then made them again in Illustrator (I wanted clean lines). Then I took a projector, got up on a ladder and traced each illustration. That took about 4ish hours. Then a full day and a half of painting later to get all these illustrations!

I hope the mural imbues the space and my fellow Createscapers with a friendliness and openness. I personally enjoy working in the east wing because it’s so bright and I enjoy an occasional conversation while working. “

You can watch a timelapse of the mural painting below, as well as photos of the space featuring the new mural.