Member registration is now online!

I know it’s 2017, but we have finally kicked to the curb paper member applications! We are proud to announce that our registration process is now fully online so that you can manage your account, credit card details, meeting room bookings, and more all in one centralized location on our site. It’s been a work in process for almost half a year and we’re still making updates to the website, but the great news is that the features themselves are live. Whether you are interested in booking a tour, day pass, meeting room, or registering for one of our memberships, it’s all online now.

We are also excited to announce a couple other changes! We have introduced a new membership type, “Part Time” that is $90/month and gives you 5 days per month to work and the flexibility to add additional days at a discounted member rate of $15/day. Regular coworking day passes have now also been reduced in price to $20/day, so there’s now more flexibility than ever before in creating a plan that works for you and your work schedule.