Reflections on the last year

Few would probably disagree that 2016 was…. to put it mildly, interesting. Many have dubbed it a “dumpster fire” year, a stressful at best and tumultuous at worst year for national news and politics, and a year of tragedies both in the sense of mass killings around the world and unrest as well as iconic artist and celebrity deaths. The narrative of 2016 being an awful year is all over our various forms of media, both traditional and social. But beyond 2016, the narrative of giving the year the boot at this point in December is pretty common by this point, ready for the fresh start that January will surely bring because we all expect change to set it at the stroke of midnight. Maybe your personal or professional life was pretty awful as well, but perhaps it was actually pretty great and now you’re embarrassed to tell anyone about this trend for fear of gloating. Whatever the case, it’s important to separate your personal goals, ambitions, and resolutions from the world around you since those are forces much farther outside your control. The suggestion here is not that you should bubble yourself in to an illusion of everything with a sugar coating, it can be a significant personal development to recognize that you have more control in your hands than you might believe.

Your focus, your positive words and actions, your gratitude, and your attitude are all things that can make a difference in your life each day, regardless of the year, month, or week. Happiness and personal success requires a disciplined commitment to your passion and ideals and not falling casualty to despair or apathy from the destructive or negative things going on around the world, or even around your world. Setting up infrastructure and systems in your life to combat and renew this discipline at times of weakness will make all the difference to achieving the goals you set for yourself, however small or vast. Try writing something down on paper; something digital, private or public; paint or draw your ideas; or talk to someone you trust about your goals. This is just a starting place, but the idea is to maintain a sense of positivity and hopefulness in yourself to create change or success over time, because these are things you will feel better about from the greater level of control you already have.

So that being said, cheers to a great 2017 ahead; a great month ahead; a great afternoon ahead; and a great decade or lifetime ahead! Happy New Year, from Createscape Coworking.