Createscape is looking to showcase local artists!

With our brand new creative coworking office space off Tillery Street, we have a great opportunity with some of the walls and hallways to feature artwork from Austin area talent on a rolling basis. In addition to the members and community that works out of Createscape, we also have guests and events that come through the space regularly. The idea for now is to feature a new artist (or multiple artists) every mont h. If you would like to submit a sample/portfolio of some of your work and are interested in the opportunity for some of your pieces to be showcase on our walls, email with the subject line “Featured Artist Submission” and we’ll get in touch with you shortly! You are also more than welcome to include prices on any pieces you’re looking to sell and we wouldn’t take any cut of profits made. Let us know if you have any questions! We believe strongly in the artistic community of Austin and we want to show it off each and every day.