Celebrating 1 Year. Also: Advantages for Early Stage Startups

1st Year Birthday

Exactly 1 year ago today, Createscape opened for business! Thanks everyone for all the support over the last twelve months– we couldn’t have done it without the community. We’re proud to say we’ve helped over 50 members be productive and work in our creative office space since June 2014. We’ll have cake later this week at the office to celebrate. Onward we go!

Advantages of Coworking for Early Stage Startups

So apparently, startups who work in a coworking space are 4 times more likely to excel than those who don’t cowork!  Deskmag.com finds that those who work in coworking spaces benefit from the experience in a number of ways:
  • 85 %re more motivated
  • 88% interact better with others
  • More than half work with a team now

The coworking environment is a win for many small businesses, self-employed, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Deskmag also found that 60%can relax more at home and 42% reported higher income.

Consider these other reasons for coworking!

1. Making ConnectionsKnowing the right people is extremely important, and networking in and of itself is time consuming. But a coworking space is better than any networking event because you meet awesome entrepreneurs who can help you strategize. Share insight on each other’s businesses; it’s a win-win for everyone involved. You never know – that person at the desk beside you could be a future investor or business partner.

2. AffordabilityStartups have to be frugal with costs. Createscape offers affordable pricing for designated desks or general coworking on a month to month basis – so you aren’t committed for long. You’ll also have access to necessary amenities, such as printers, coffee and snacks, meeting rooms and more.

3. Improve Your Skills

Coworking offices have a great diversity of workers – writers, designers, developers, businessmen/women and others. Take advantage of these skills. Trade your skill for another’s, or sit down and teach each other what you know– it can really help you in the long run!


Interested in Membership?

Been on the fence about joining Createscape as an official member for awhile? The start of April is upon us, so don’t delay and visit our website to signing up for a General or Desk Membership.