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Things I learned at the Monetizing Web Video panel discussion

Createscape was proud to host a recent Austin Film Meet discussion panel on “Monetizing Web Video”. Panelists included David Ward (director, writer, producer – Ralph Smyth Entertainment, HUMORdy, Do Anything Stoned), Carey Martell (CEO, Martell Broadcasting Systems & Power Up TV, Host of the RPG Fanatic Show), Brian Morgan (producer, Tiny Courage), Eric Robbins (Founder,…

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Winner of Free Coworking Month: Christine Chen

Congratulations to Christine Chen, the winner of our free month of coworking giveaway! Christine is the owner and creative director of Moth to Flame Films, a production company based in Austin.  She’s currently in post production for her short film, A Bird’s Nest and her first feature, Funemployment, which was filmed here in Austin.  You…

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