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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How many desks do you have?
A: We have 14 designated desks and 35 general coworking seating options.


Q: What is the size of the office space?
A: Createscape Coworking occupies two full suites at the Tillery Building, totaling approximately 3,000 square feet of open seating, desks, private offices, meeting rooms, call rooms, lounges, and kitchens.


Q: Do you have private offices?
A: Yes! We have two new private offices (120 and 130-square-feet each) that are available for 6 and 12-month commitments. If they are occupied, we will start a waiting list. You can check the status of their availability here.


Q: Do you do bookings/reservations for events?
A: No, unfortunately we do not rent out Createscape for events and we are not a venue/event space. Our members have access to the office 24/7 and there is typically someone here most hours of day, including weekends. We are happy to rent out our conference room. (Max capacity is 10). If you’re interested in rending the conference room, we invite you to schedule your reservation here.


Q: I have a brand, product, or event that I think your members would be interested in. How can I promote my product to your members?
A:  If you have a flyer or brochure, product sample, or coupon, you’re welcome to contact us to discuss placement in our coworking space. We love supporting and promoting local businesses. You can either call or email us, or request a time to stop in to provide us with samples and information for our members. Please respect that we do not permit unsolicited visits or sales calls.

Q: What are your hours of operation? Do I need to schedule a tour or trial day in advance?
A: Monday through Friday, 9AM to 6PM. We ask that visitors please schedule a time with us in advance so that we know to expect you, preferably at least 24-hour notice.

Q: How can I use the conference room?
A: General coworking members get 4 hours of reserved conference room time per month; and designated desk members get 8 hours of reserved conference room time per month. Non-members can reserve the conference room for $35 per hour, or $200 for the day.

For coworking members, we have a very generous conference room policy. If the room is open, members are permitted to use in the conference room on a first-come, first-serve basis for up to an hour. This time does not count toward members’ 4 or 8-hours of reserved conference room time. For Createscape members who use more than their allocated time, you can purchase an additional 5 hours per month for the drastically reduced rate of $10/hour (normally $35 /hour). To make a reservation, simply sign up using the form located outside the conference room. For members who are out of the office, you can email an office manager with your conference room reservation request. Non-members can make a conference room reservation using our online form.


Q: Do you offer month-to-month flexibility?
A: We understand that life as a freelance or contract worker can be unpredictable. That’s why we do not require a time commitment from our members. All of our membership plans are strictly month-to-month — unless you specifically request a 6 or 12-month plan, for which we will reduce your membership fee from $160 to $135 or from $320 to $TK. We have no deposit or application fees. Members are required to provide us with credit card number to keep on file for automatic billing on the first of the month. If you do need to cancel your membership, we do require that you give us 7 days notice of termination. If you’re unable to give us the proper advance warning, we would be happy to apply a one-month coworking credit that you can use at any time.


Q: Do I have to be a creative professional to work there? What kind of work do your members do? 
A: No, absolutely not. We love all nice people. As of winter 2016, we have roughly 35 members and they’re have careers ranging from accounting to healthcare reporters, videographers, marketing and grant writers, to web and software developers. We have a member profile wall that we show to all prospective members so that you have an idea what type of professionals you will be seeing every day. You can also meet your coworkers by attending our social events, such as happy hour, game night, holiday potluck meals, and much more.


Q: Can I have guests?
A: Of course! You’re welcome to schedule meetings in the conference room for about 6 to 9 colleagues, clients, board members, etc. Depending on the type of membership you have, you get 4 to 8 hours of conference room time per month. We offer drastically reduced rates if you need additional conference room time. Memberships also come with two guest passes per month. You can give your pass to a friend who wants to try out coworking, or to a coworker that you want to work with in person for one or two days per month. After you’ve exhausted your conference room time and have used your guest passes, you can purchase a day pass for $25, or by purchasing four guest passes, you get a fifth for free.


Q: Do you offer discounts?
A: Yes! We offer a 10% discount for small businesses or organizations that sign up at least 3 members. We also give a 10% reduction on membership to veterans and students (current ID required).


Q: What’s your policy on pets?
A: We do allow small pets if they are not a disruption to the rest of the office; we just require advance notice and a signed pet policy form on file. If they prove to be a nuisance to others, we’ll ask you to keep them at home for the consideration of the rest of our members.


Q: I make a lot of phone calls. Is that a problem?
A: When it comes to noise levels, Createscape is about halfway between a Wall Street trading floor and a library. We understand that taking and making phone calls is part of doing business. We simply ask that you be respectful of your coworkers. We have two call rooms that are available for use 24/7. The conference room is also available first-come-first-serve when it is not being reserved. Additionally, we have three separate lounge areas and two outdoor seating areas that members can use for telephone and in-person discussions.


Q: Can I have mail delivered to the office?
A: Yes! Members are able to use Createscape as their business mail address. We also have a mail box from where you can send mail. Since there is always someone in the office, Createscape is a safe place to have your packages and important mail delivered.


Q: How do I join?
A: You can call, email, or fill out our contact form to get more information or schedule a time to come in to fill out our membership agreement. You can also print the agreement at home and either email it to us or bring it in on your first day. We require having a credit card number on file for automatic, monthly billing. Createscape follows all security procedures to keep your personal information safe. It only takes a few minutes to process your paperwork. All members are given a door code and have 24/7 office access.


Q: Do you have social events? How often?
A: Yes, we organize several events for members most months. Our socials range from happy hour to board game night, movies, community cookouts, holiday potluck events, and much more. We’d love to take your suggestions if there is an event you think your Createscape coworkers would be interested in.


Q: Are you hiring?
A: No, we’re not currently hiring for any positions.